Maple Syrup Glazed, Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenders

Maple Syrup Glazed, Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenders

Most venison and wild game enthusiasts will admit, that their favorite pieces of meat to eat from a White-tailed deer are the tenderloins or tenders.  This bacon-wrapped venison tenderloin grill recipe puts a sweet twist on the classic venison dish.

Prep Time - 10 minutes

Cook time - 22 minutes

Ingredients / Materials:

Tenderloins from a White-tailed deer

Thick cut bacon


Maple Syrup



Step 1 - Turn on your ASF Sirloin Pellet Grill 1080 and set it to 400 degrees

Step 2 - Rub all sides of each tenderloin with your favorite steak seasoning

Step 3 - Wrap a piece of thick cut bacon around each tenderloin and secure it with a few toothpicks

Step 4 - Place the bacon-wrapped venison tenderloins on the grill

Step 5 - Grill each tender for 11 minutes, flip them, and then generously drizzle maple syrup over each

Step 6 - Grill for another 10-11 minutes

Step 7 - Remove the bacon-wrapped venison tenderloins from the grill and serve

Note: The steps in this grill recipe will result in bacon-wrapped venison tenderloins that are cooked medium-rare to medium. For a more well done finish, grill them a few minutes longer on each side.  Understand that cook times may vary with the size/thickness of each tender.